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Table 5 Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values for the detection of urinary histamine (UH) or urinary N - methylhistamine (UMH) as non-invasive markers of gastrointestinally mediated allergy (GMA)

From: Excretion of urinary histamine and N-tele methylhistamine in patients with gastrointestinal food allergy compared to non-allergic controls during an unrestricted diet and a hypoallergenic diet

Urinary histamine (UH) [μg/mmol creatinine x m2BSA] Control group Gastrointestinally mediated allergy (GMA)
>1.67* 13 50
≤1.67* 75 62
Total 88 112
  1. *The significance level of 1.67 μg/mmol creatinine x m2 BSA was calculated from the mean + 1SD of controls during unrestricted diet. Using this criterion UH was found to reach following test characteristics:
  2. UH sensitivity 50/112 = 44.6%; specificity 75/88 = 85.2%; positive predictive value 50/63 = 79.3%, negative predictive value 75/137 = 54.7%.