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Table 1 Setting of the study, personnel performing the test and demographic data of enrolled subjects

From: A Point-of-Care test for facing the burden of undiagnosed celiac disease in the Mediterranean area: a pragmatic design study

Country Italy Slovenia Turkey
Setting A) Primary care: Family pediatrician’s office D) Primary care – screening of secondary school students – mostly in rural area of NE Slovenia Primary care: Pediatrician’s office
B) Celiac centre pediatric patients E) Students from Medical Faculty and Faculty of Health Sciences University of Maribor - screening
C) Celiac centre adult patients  
Personnel performing POCT A) Family pediatricians D) Trained nurse, student and pediatrician, pediatric gastroenterologist – as supervisor Nurse and pediatrician
B) Physician and biologist E) Trained nurse, trained students, pediatric gastroenterologist – as supervisor
C) Physician and biologist  
No. subjects tested (age range) A) 3,559 (1-14 yrs) asymptomatic children A) 1,000 (14-18y) secondary school students 771 (1-18 years) asymptomatic children at school (666) and at a primary care pediatrician’s office (105)
B) 206 (1-18 yrs) children for suspected CD B) 480 (18-23y) University students
C) 85 (>18 yrs) adults for suspected CD