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Table 1 Primary indication for colonoscopy among 3,022 consecutive patients included for analysis of FIT characteristics according to sex

From: Prospective cross-sectional study on faecal immunochemical tests: sex specific cut-off values to obtain equal sensitivity for colorectal cancer?

Indication group Indication for colonoscopy N
Symptomatic Weight loss 88
  Clinical suspicion of diverticulitis 26
  Clinical suspicion of IBD 40
  Abdominal pain 355
  Altered bowel habits 548
  Clinical or radiological suspicion of CRC* 54
  Diarrhoea 128
  Constipation 92
  Total 1,331
Screening & surveillance Average risk 103
  Familial history of CRC 482
  Lynch syndrome 54
  Polyp surveillance 578
  Post CRC surveillance 195
  Total 1,412
Other Not specified/others 279
Grand total 3,022
  1. *This group includes individuals who were referred for colonoscopy as CRC was suspected on abdominal sonography, CT/MRI scan or physical examination.
  2. FIT = faecal immunochemical test, IBD = inflammatory bowel disease, CRC = colorectal cancer.