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Table 1 Specific ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes included in each category of gastroenteritis-associated mortality

From: Trends in gastroenteritis-associated mortality in the United States, 1985–2005: variations by ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes

  ICD-9 ICD-10
Bacterial 001-005, 008.0-008.5, 041 A00.0, A01.00, A01.1-A01.4, A02.0-02.1, A02.20, A02.8-A02.9, A03.0-A03.3, A03.8-A03.9, A05.0-A05.2, A05.8-A05.5, A05.8-A05.9, A04, A28.2, A49.1-A49.3, A49.9, B95.0-B95.8, B96.1-B96.7, B96.81-B996.82, B96.89
Viral 008.6, 008.8, 047, 070.0, 070.1, 070.6, 070.9, 074.3, 074.8, 079.0-079.3 A08.0, A0.8.2, A08.11, A08.19, A08.31, A08.32, A08.32, A08.39, A08.8, A87.0, A87.0, A87.8-A87.9, A88.8, B08.4, B15.0, B15.9, B19.0, B19.9, B33.8, B34.1, B34.9, B97.0, B97.10-B97.12, B97.89
Unknown noninfectious 558 K52.0-52.2, K52.81-K52.82, K52.89, K52.9
Unknown infectious 009 A09, B99.8-99.9, R19.7