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Table 3 Clinicopathologic features of informative cases of Vietnamese and Japanese CRCs undergoing mitochondrial DNA analysis

From: Differences in K-rasand mitochondrial DNA mutations and microsatellite instability between colorectal cancers of Vietnamese and Japanese patients

  Vietnamese CRC (n = 44) Japanese CRC (n = 133) p-value
Age, mean (range) 54.0 (32–82) 63.7 (37–88) <0.001
Sex (male, female) 29/15 82/51 0.61
Tumour location    
Right/left side* 10/34 32/101 0.98
Well/moderately/poorly differentiated 1/37/6 41/82/10 0.22
  1. *Right-side colon includes the cecum, ascending and transverse colon. Left-side colon includes the descending and sigmoid colon and rectum. CRC, colorectal cancer.