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Figure 1

From: Effects of oral adenosine 5'-triphosphate and adenosine in enteric-coated capsules on indomethacin-induced permeability changes in the human small intestine: a randomized cross-over study

Figure 1

Box Whisker plot of urinary lactulose/rhamnose (L/R) excretion ratios (g/g) observed in four experimental conditions. The control condition represents basal permeability of the small intestine, as indicated by the urinary L/R ratio after ingestion of a test drink containing 5 g lactulose and 0.5 g L-rhamnose with no prior indomethacin ingestion and no placebo/ATP/adenosine challenge. The other conditions represent urinary L/R ratios after ingestion of two subsequent indomethacin dosages at 10 h (75 mg) and 1 h (50 mg) before ingestion of the test drink; at 1.5 h prior to the indomethacin dosages, two dosages of placebo (indomethacin + placebo), ATP (indomethacin + ATP, 2 g ATP per dosage) or adenosine (indomethacin + adenosine, 1 g adenosine per dosage) were administered via enteric-coated capsules (*P < 0.01 vs. control; n = 33, Wilcoxon signed ranks test). Differences in L/R ratios between the conditions with indomethacin plus placebo, ATP or adenosine were not significant.

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