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Table 3 Steroidal preparations

From: Medication beliefs among patients with inflammatory bowel disease who report low quality of life: a qualitative study

"I have been told that if I get any bad flare-ups the next course of treatment after this Asacol is steroids and I have seen what steroids can do to different people. I have a friend on this steroidal thing for his chest and he's got a big jowl and it's just one of these things I am tempted to put off." (male with ulcerative colitis, 55 years).
" I didn't know it was only going to be a week and luckily things did resolve but I thought at the start that this was the start of me being dependent on them and I was concerned about that...I was so relieved when the symptoms subsided you know after a week." (female with ulcerative colitis, 56 years).
" but the steroids I must say they really did the trick. Big time." (male with ulcerative colitis 36 years)
"I was quite amazed at how fast the steroids started to work." (female with crohn's disease, 44 years)