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Table 3 Comparison of the two spectra obtained from the same stone:

From: Predictors of gallstone composition in 1025 symptomatic gallstones from Northern Germany

  Spectrum B
Spectrum A C B CB O
C 0.825    
B 0.002 0.019   
CB 0.052 0.002 0.027  
O 0.016 0.001 0.004 0.053
  1. Two FTIR spectra were obtained from each gallstone from two sites chosen to be macroscopically as different as possible. The symmetrical fields on the upper right hand corner of the table were collapsed into the triangular shape for ease of interpretation. It is evident, that stones are quite homogenous with 92.4 percent of stones yielding the same classification in both measurements. Based on this table, gallstones were classified for the following patient-oriented analyses as "C" (cholesterol), "B" (bilirubin), "CB" (cholesterol – bilirubin: underlined italics in the table) and "O" (other – bold italics).