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Table 6 Univariate analysis on reduced antigen induced clinical symptom score as a dependent variable

From: Rhinosinusitis derived Staphylococcal enterotoxin B plays a possible role in pathogenesis of food allergy

Independent variable r p
Ag -0.061 NS
Sex 0.052 NS
Case history (CRS) 0.101 NS
Case history (FA) 0.118 NS
S. aureus colonies 0.696 <0.01
SEB (sinus) 0.659 <0.01
SEB (stool) 0.797 <0.01
FESS 0.889 <0.01
Wheal area of skin prick test 0.029 NS
Serum specific IgE 0.036 NS
Serum IL-4 0.057 NS
Serum IL-13 0.048 NS
Serum IFN-gamma -0.059 NS