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Figure 7

From: Integrative roles of transforming growth factor-α in the cytoprotection mechanisms of gastric mucosal injury

Figure 7

Expression of apoptosis-associated proteins. (a) Immunoblot of Bax and Bcl-2. Bax was strongly induced at the 3 h and 6 h time points in the WT mucosa, whereas it was reduced to a negligible level in the TG mucosa after ethanol injury. Bcl-2 was stably expressed similarly before and after the injury in the TG mucosa, whereas it was increased to some extent at 6 h after the injury in the WT mucosa. (b) Immunostaining of Bcl-2. Bcl-2 was not visible in the TG mucosa before the injury, but appeared along the border region of necrotic area after the injury. In contrast, Bcl-2 was constitutively induced over the TG mucosa even before the injury, and the staining was confined to the lower glandular region after the injury. Scale: 100 μm. (c) Immunoblot of caspase 3. After the injury, a 17 kDa active form of caspase 3 appeared in the WT mucosa, whereas it did not in the TG mucosa. A 32 kDa proform was unchanged both in the WT and TG mucosae.

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