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Figure 2

From: Localization of ABCG5 and ABCG8 proteins in human liver, gall bladder and intestine

Figure 2

Subcellular localization of ABCG5 and ABCG8 in human liver. Panel A shows the Nycodenz gradient fractionation and panel B the Triton X-100/sucrose gradient fractionation. A representative result from each of these is shown. F1–F12 represents serial fractions collected from the top of the tube. Proteins from each of these fractions were separated by SGS-PAGE, western blotted and probed for the proteins as indicated on the figure. Calnexin (ER marker), membrin (Golgi marker) and caveolin (raft marker) did not co-localize with ABCG5/ABCG8 when both biochemical fractionation patterns are compared. However, MDR1 (apical membrane marker) and transferrin (plasma membrane marker) showed some consistency with ABCG5/ABCG8 co-localizations (tracks F9–10, panel A and F11, panel B).

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