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Figure 1

From: Cytotoxic isolates of Helicobacter pylori from Peptic Ulcer Diseases decrease K+-dependent ATPase Activity in HeLa cells

Figure 1

Electron micrographs: Transmission electron micrographs of antral biopsies of (a) H. pylori negative normal gastric epithelium, L-gastric lumen (× 4,400), (b) H. pylori (cytotoxin producing) infected gastritis patient showing vacuolar regions in the epithelium (white arrowhead), L-gastric lumen, (× 7,100), H. pylori (black arrowhead) (c) h-H. pylori on the apical and intercellular junctions of epithelial layer (arrowhead), L-gastric lumen, (× 10,400), (d) cup like invaginations on the surface of gastric epithelium at intercellular junction (arrowhead), h-H. pylori, L-gastric lumen (× 21,000).

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