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Table 4 Complications of sclerotherapy

From: Endoscopic sclerotherapy compared with no specific treatment for the primary prevention of bleeding from esophageal varices. A randomized controlled multicentre trial [ISRCTN03215899]

  Sclerotherapy n = 84 Controls n = 82
   Bleeding from ulceration 2 3
   Submucosal esophageal hematoma 2  
   Stenosis 2 2
   Perforation 1  
   Food impaction 1  
   Dysphagia   1
   Bacteremia 1  
   Bacterial peritonitis 1  
   Pneumonia 1  
   Total 11 6
  1. Values are numbers of patients Complications in the control group occurred after sclerotherapy was performed either to arrest active variceal bleeding or to prevent rebleeding