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Table 1 Genes differentially expressed in the small intestine of W/W Vmice

From: Differential gene expression profile in the small intestines of mice lacking pacemaker interstitial cells of Cajal

Fragment Code Accession No. Protein (UniGene No.) W/W V(a) Status (b) Subcellular location (c) Chromosome (d)
DDWMEST117 U82256 ARG2 decreased this report mitochondria(s) 14q24.1-q24.3
DDWMEST6 Al263458 ONZIN decreased this report cytoplasm(p) 4q21.22
DDWMEST100 W12272 (Mm28954) decreased this report cytoplasm(p) 1q42.11-q42.3
DDWMEST1 AB052398 unknown increased this report ND ND
DDWMEST62 AB052399 unknown decreased this report ND ND
DDWNEST84 AB052400 (Mm5296) decreased this report nuclear(p) 6
DDWMEST91 AB052402 unknown increased this report ND ND
DDMNEST54 AB030038 ACPL1 decreased reported previously cytoplasm(s) 1q21
DDWMEST101 Al173010 COX7B decreased reported previously mitochondria(s) Xq13.2
DDWMEST4 W33314 SORCIN decreased reported previously cytoplasm(s) 7q21.1
DDWMEST43 U67771 RPL8 increased reported previously cytoplasm(s) 8q24.3
DDWMEST116 M10319 ADA increased reported previously cytoplasm(p) 20q12-q13.11
DDWMEST90 M16229 MDH1 increased reported previously cytoplasm(s) 2p13.3
DDWMEST110 M74773 SPTB2 increased reported previously cytoplasm(s) 2p21
DDWMEST99 M27347 P6-5 increased reported previously cytoplasm(p) 12q13
  1. (a) Gene expression pattern of each gene in the small intestine of W/W Vmice. (b) "this report" means the gene newly isolated by us as a differentially expressed gene in the small intestine of W/W Vmice. "reported previously" indicates that the differential expression of the gene was reported by us previously (ref.15, 16). (c) Subcellular location determined by the SOURCE program or predicted by the PSORTII program were shown as "(s) " or " (p)", respectively. ND: not determined. Human chromosomal localization of the gene.