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Table 1 The clinical characteristics of the 59 paediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

From: Screening for adrenal suppression in children with inflammatory bowel disease discontinuing glucocorticoid therapy

Diagnosis CD/IBDU/UC* 22/11/26
Male/female 29/30
Age at the time of the study (median, range) 14 yrs (2.6–18)
Prednisolone daily dose  
10 mg 21
5 mg 18
5 mg on alternate days 20
Length of the prednisolone therapy (months; median, range) 5 (0.5–39)
Maintenance medication**  
5-ASA 27
5-ASA and/or Aza 19
TNF-α-antagonist 11
No medication 2
  1. The first morning cortisol level was analyzed during weaning or at the end of oral prednisolone therapy. *CD: Crohn’s disease; IBDU: unclassified colitis; UC: ulcerative colitis. **5-ASA: 5-acetosalicylic acid; Aza: azathioprine.