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Table 1 Clinicopathological characteristics for cases of malignancy arising in gastric duplication cysts

From: Peritoneal metastatic adenocarcinoma possibly due to a gastric duplication cyst: a case report and literature review

Reference Sex/age (yr) Symptoms Cyst size (cm) Macroscopic appearance Pathology Invasion Follow up
Mayo et al. [14] F/64 Weakness, anorexia, weight loss 6 1.5 cm, Polypoid Adenocarcinoma Muscular layer of stomach NED at 12 months
Kuraoka et al. [15] M/56 Vomiting, weight loss 10 0.7 cm, Superficial slightly depressed Well differentiated adenocarcinoma Mucosa of the cyst NED at 28 months
Coit et al. [16] F/72 Abdominal pain, weight loss 4 Granular Mucinous papillary adenocarcinoma Submucosa of stomach NED at 72 months
Treiger et al. [17] M/50 Vomiting, weight loss 17 Ulcerative tumor Infiltrating epithelial carcinoma Unknown Unknown
Mamiya et al. [18] F/71 Abdominal pain, appetite loss 8 2.0 cm, Superficial slightly raised Papillary adenocarcinoma Wall of the cyst NED at 1 month
Kuraoka et al. [15] M/40 Fever, back pain 7 Multi focal, granular Well differentiated tubular or papillary adenocarcinoma Whole wall of the stomach Liver metastasis at 7 months
Horne et al. [10] M/40 Abdominal pain 12 5.5 cm nodule Neuroendocrine carcinoma Wall of the cyst Multiple metastasis at 14 months
Barussaud et al. [9] F/67 Abdominal mass, weight loss NA Unknown Mixed adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma Wall of the stomach and cyst Peritoneal metastasis on presentation, liver metastasis at 6 month
Zheng et al. [2] M/25 Asytomptomatic 8 3.0 cm nodule adenocarcinoma Wall of the stomach and cyst NED/13
  1. NED denotes no evidence of disease.