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Table 2 Stent characteristics of the included studies

From: Covered versus uncovered self-expandable metallic stents for palliation of malignant gastric outlet obstruction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study/author Group Stent type Stent material Stent diameter (mm) Stent length (cm) Covered material
Yu Kyung Cho Covered NR Nickel-Titanium NR NR NR
Uncovered   Nickel-Titanium    
Jong Pil Im Covered NR   18 9/11  
Uncovered   NR 18 11/12/16 NR
Seungmin Bang Covered Niti-S NR 20/22 6-15  
Uncovered Niti-S   20/22 6-15 PU
Iruru Maetani Covered Ultraflex NR 18/23 10/12/15  
Uncovered Ultraflex   18/23 10/12/15 PTFE
Kee Myung Lee Covered Niti-S Nitinol 18 6/8/10  
Uncovered Niti-S Nickel-Titanium 18 6/8/10 PU
Chan Gyoo Kim Covered Niti-S Nitinol 18/20 8/10/12  
Uncovered Wallstent/Wallflex Elgiloy/Nitinol 20/22 6/9/12 PTFE
Chan Ik Park Covered Niti-s Nitinol NR 6-16  
Uncovered Wallstent/Hanaro Elgiloy/Nitinol   6-16 PU
Iruru Maetani Covered Niti-S Nitinol 20   
Uncovered Comvi Nitinol 20 NR PTFE
Sang Myung Woo Covered Niti-s/Bona   18-22 4-12  
Uncovered Niti-s/Bona/Wallflex NR 18-22 4-12 NR
  1. PTEF, polytetrafluoroethylene; PU, polyurethane.
  2. Niti-S (Taewoon Inc. South Korea); Bona (Standard SciTech Inc. Seoul, Korea).
  3. Hanaro (M.I. Tech. Seoul, Korea).
  4. Wallflex (Boston Scientific, USA); Wallstent (Boston Scientific, USA).
  5. Ultraflex (Boston Scientific, USA).