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Table 1 Patients clinical and gastroenterological findings

From: A new family with hereditary lysozyme amyloidosis with gastritis and inflammatory bowel disease as prevailing symptoms

Patient (gender) GI*symptoms Age at diagnosis (years) Upper GI tract findings ( pathological findings) Lower GI tract findings ( pathological findings) Treatment Other clinical manifestations
II 1 (F) Heartburn 71 Peptic esophagitis Esophagus Papilloma Non haemorrhagic gastritis Duodenum diverticulitis (Duodenal and antrum amyloidosis plus antrum atrophy) Colon tubular polyp (amyloidosis) PPI# Sicca syndrome
III 2 (M) Heartburn 41 (Gastric amyloidosis) - - -
III 6 (F) Heartburn Nausea Dyspepsia GOR** 51 Erythematous gastritis, Bulbar ulcer. (Gastric amyloidosis) Normal PPI# Sicca syndrome Hepatomegaly Mesenteric lymphadenopathy
III 9 (F) Rectal hemorrhage Diarrhea 46 Erythematous gastritis, Antrum ulcer (Gastric and duodenal amyloidosis) Hemorrhagic rectocolitis Colon polyp (recto colic amyloidosis ) PPI#MSZ§ -
IV 2 (F) Heartburn 28 - - - -
IV 3 (F) Heartburn 33 - - - -
IV 4 (F) Heartburn 34 Gastric ulcer - - GallbladerAmyloidos
IV 5 (M) Heartburn 24 Erythematous and atrophic gastritis (Gastric amyloidosis) (recto colic amyloidosis) - -
IV 7 (F) Abdominal pain Rectal hemorrhage 27 (Gastric amyloidosis) IBD aspect (recto colic amyloidosis ) MSZ§ -
  1. *Gastro intestinal (GI) ; **Gastroesophageal reflux (GOR); #proton pump inhibitors (PPI); §Mesalazine (MSZ).