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Table 2 Sequences quality score of MRE protocol adapted to pregnancy

From: Magnetic resonance enterography in pregnant women with Crohn’s disease: case series and literature review

MRE sequence Quality score
FIESTA coronal 2.8
FIESTA sagittal 2.8
FIESTA axial 3
Fast SE T2 coronal 2.8
Fast SE T2 axial 2.2
FSPGR 2D T1 coronal + fat sat 1.6
FSPGR 2D T1axial + fat sat 1.5
LAVA 3D T1 coronal + fat sat 1.6
LAVA 3D T1 axial + fat sat 2
  1. FIESTA- Fast Imaging Employing Steady State Acquisition.
  2. SE-spin echo.
  3. FSPGR- Fast spoiled Gradient Recalled Acquisition in the Steady State.
  4. LAVA- Liver Acquisition with Volume Acceleration.