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Figure 1

From: MiR-195 affects cell migration and cell proliferation by down-regulating DIEXF in Hirschsprung’s Disease

Figure 1

Aberrant expression level of miR-195 and DIEXF. All mRNA and miRNA expression levels were detected in HSCR tissues (n = 78) and control tissues (n = 66). (A, B): Relative expression levels of miR-195 and DIEXF mRNA expression levels in HSCR tissues and control tissues. Data were presented as box plot of the median and range of log-transformed relative expression level. The top and bottom of the box represent the seventy-fifth and twenty-fifth percentile. The whiskers indicate the 10th and 90th points. (C): Protein level confirmed the change of DIEXF. (D): The correlations were analyzed between miR-195 expression and its corresponding DIEXF expression in HSCR tissues in bottom, P = 0.0001, R = -0.37. Data were analyzed using the Pearson correlation analysis with natural log transformed expression levels.

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