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Table 1 Levels of small molecule metabolites in the AP and SO groups

From: 1HNMR-based metabolomic profile of rats with experimental acute pancreatitis

Chemical shift (ppm) Name of compound Acute pancreatitis group (AP)
0.98,1.02 Valine
1.3,1.34,4.1 Lactate
3.58,3.66 Glycerol
2.38 succinic acid
1.18 3-HB
3.22 Choline
3.26 TMAO
3 ~ 4 Glucose
3.54 Glycine
  1. ↑: elevated; ↓: reduced; 3-HB: 3-hydroxybutyric acid; TMAO: trimethylamine oxide. All of the results were compared with sham operation (SO) group.