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Table 1 Characteristics of the patients with sporadic colorectal cancer

From: Over-expression of COX-2 mRNA in colorectal cancer

Variable Patients
Number 60
Men/Women 34/26
Mean age (range) 65 (23–90) years
Tumor localization*  
 -left colon 44
 -right colon 16
Tumor stage**  
 -T2 12
 -T3 43
 -T4 5
 -lymph node metastases (N1/N2) 21 (12/9)
 -distant metastases (M1) 5
Differentiation grade***  
 -well 1
 -moderate 56
 -poor 2
  1. *Left-sided colon: colon descendens, rectum and sigmoid; right sided colon: cecum, colon ascendens, colon transversum.
  2. **Tumor staging was done according to the TNM classification.
  3. ***Note that for one tumor sample the differentiation grade was unknown.