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Table 1 Quantiative pathological findings in relation to the time course

From: Different healing process of esophageal large mucosal defects by endoscopic mucosal dissection between with and without steroid injection in an animal model

  Steroid injection Steroid injection
(−) (+)
Immediately after 1 week after 3 weeks after 8 weeks after
(n=5) (n=7) (n=2) (n=5)
Ulcer size evaluated as distance between desmin-positive muscularis mucosa edges (cm, mean±SD) 1.38±0.22 1.54±0.23 0.80±0.14 0.78±0.11
Largest thickness of SMA-positive myofibroblastic cell bundles (μm, mean±SD) 0* 297±70.5 1,156±283 341±216
Thickness of proper muscle layer (μm, mean±SD) 1,231±112 1,444±123 584±218 NA**
  1. SMA: α-smooth muscle actin; SD: standard deviation; NA: not applicable.
  2. “n” means the number of preparations that were made from the esophagus of each pig.
  3. *no SMA-positive myofibroblastic cells identified.
  4. **The muscular layer was disrupted, which made the measurement difficult.