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Table 1 Summary of MDR1 association studies

From: MDR1polymorphisms are associated with inflammatory bowel disease in a cohort of Croatian IBD patients

Author No of cases Tested SNP Population Results
Schwab et al. 149 UC C3435T German T allele associated with UC (p = 0.049)
126 CD
Croucher et al. 307 UC C3435T German & British No association
562 CD
Brant et al. 119 UC C3435T G2677T USA G2677 associated with IBD (p = 0.003)
409 CD
Glas et al. 123 UC C3435T German No association
135 CD
Potocnik et al. 144 UC Multiple intron, exon and promoter polymorphisms Slovenian 2677T associated with UC (p = 0.02); Risk and protective haplotypes identified for UC and CD
139 CD
Gazzouli et al. 85 UC C3435T Greece* No association
120 CD
Ho et al. 335 UC C3435T Scottish 3435T associated with UC (p = 0.02); 3435T associated with extensive colitis (p = 0.003)
268 CD G2677T
Onnie et al. 580 UC C3435T British 2677T associated with UC (p = 0.03)
828 CD G2677T
Urcelay et al. 330 UC C3435T Spanish* C3435T CC genotype associated with CD (p = 0.007)
321 CD G2677T
Oostenbrug et al. 224 UC C3435T Dutch No association
533 CD
Lal et al. 112 UC C3435T Canadian 3435T allele associated with CD (p = 0.02)
247 CD
Fiedler et al. 144 UC C3435T German No association
244 CD G2677T
Fischer et al. 149 UC C3435T Hungarian No association
265 CD G2677T
Ardizzone et al. 97 UC C3435T Italian No association
211 CD G2677T
Huebner et al. 401 UC G2677T New Zealand G2677T protective for UC (p = 0.02)
483 CD
  1. * Data not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.