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Table 1 Products allowed/disallowed in the Gluten Contamination Elimination Diet (GCED), targeting the elimination of gluten cross-contamination

From: Trace gluten contamination may play a role in mucosal and clinical recovery in a subgroup of diet-adherent non-responsive celiac disease patients

  Allowed Not allowed
Grains Plain, unflavored, brown and white rice Millet, sorghum, buckwheat or other inherently gluten-free grains, seeds, or flours
Fruits/Vegetables All fresh fruits/vegetables Frozen, canned or dried
Proteins Fresh meats Lunch meats
Fresh fish Ham, bacon
Eggs Other processed, self-basted or cured meat products
Dried beans  
Unseasoned nuts in the shell  
Dairy Butter, yogurt (unflavored), milk (unflavored), aged cheeses Seasoned or flavored dairy products
Processed cheeses
Condiments Oils, vinegar, honey, salt Flavored and malt vinegars
Beverages 100% fruit/vegetable  
Gluten-free supplemental formulas
  Gatorade, milk, water