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Figure 2

From: Role of serotonin in fatty acid-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice

Figure 2

Influence of fatty acids on portal endotoxin, hepatic MyD88 and intestinal tight junction proteins. Portal endotoxin concentration (A) and MyD88 mRNA concentration (B) in the liver are shown. Representative western blots of occludin (C/E) and claudin-1 (D/F) in the small intestine with quantitative analysis of protein expression are shown. a P < 0.05 ANOVA result for effect of different diets compared to C; b compared to SFA, ccompared to MUFA. Means ± SEM, n = 5. Abbreviations: C, control; SFA, saturated fatty acids; MUFA, monounsaturated fatty acids; PUFA, polyunsaturated fatty acids; MyD88, myeloid differentiation primary response gene 88.

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