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Table 2 Indication for endoscopy in patients where serologic testing was performed

From: Limited utilization of serologic testing in patients undergoing duodenal biopsy for celiac disease

Indication for endoscopy # Occurrences % Patients
Abdominal pain 260 52%
Diarrhea 99 20%
Reflux-type symptoms 91 18%
Nausea/vomiting 67 13%
Workup of celiac disease 53 11%
Weight loss 37 7%
Anemia 23 5%
GI bleeding 15 3%
Other 28 6%
  1. Results are summarized for 504 patients where an indication was listed in the endoscopy report. For cases with multiple indications, each indication was listed as a separate occurrence. Only cases where celiac disease was specifically mentioned in the endoscopy report were counted as “workup for celiac disease”.