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Figure 4

From: Gene expression analysis of a Helicobacter pylori-infected and high-salt diet-treated mouse gastric tumor model: identification of CD177 as a novel prognostic factor in patients with gastric cancer

Figure 4

Immunohistochemistry for CD177 in human advanced gastric cancer and correlation with overall survival rate. A: Immunohistochemical analysis of CD177 expression in human gastric cancer tissue. (a and b) Negative staining (none to weak) for CD177 in a gastric adenocarcinoma. CD177 expression is present only in infiltrating neutrophils while neoplastic cells of well-differentiated (a) or poorly-differentiated (b) carcinoma are negative. Original magnification, ×100 (inset, ×400). (c and d) Note positive (moderate to strong) expression for CD177 in well-differentiated (c) or poorly-differentiated (d) gastric cancer cells. Original magnification, ×100 (inset, ×400). B: Comparison of Kaplan-Meier cumulative survival curves for CD177 negative and positive gastric cancer cases.

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