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Figure 4 | BMC Gastroenterology

Figure 4

From: Cholestasis induces reversible accumulation of periplakin in mouse liver

Figure 4

PPL expression after recovery from dietary CA-induced cholestasis. (A) Dietary administration schedule. Seven weeks-old male wild-type mice fed NMF diet were separated in two groups. One group (Recovery) was given the 1% CA-containing NMF diet for 1 week to induce cholestasis; the diet was then replaced by the control NMF diet to resolve the cholestatic situations. The other group (Control) was given the control NMF diet throughout the experiment. Mice were sacrificed in each group at the time points indicated by arrows. (B) The levels of the serum markers for cholestasis (T-Bil and T-BA; left panel) and hepatocellular injury (ALT and AST; right panel) at each time point in control and recovery groups. Values are shown by the symbols and colors as indicated in inlets. Averages from 5 mice are expressed with standard errors. (C) Hepatic PPL expression examined by immunohistochemical and western blot analyses. Representative images resulting from immunohistochemical analysis are shown for each group (upper). Five mice per group were examined for western blot analysis (lower). The immunoblot for GAPDH was used as the loading control. Scale bar: 100 μm.

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