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Table 1 Visual Analogue Scale scores for the acceptability of antidepressants (n = 15) collected as part of the Visual Analogue Scale in 2011

From: A magic pill? A qualitative analysis of patients’ views on the role of antidepressant therapy in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

  Mean (SD) Qualitative score
How many side effects do you feel from this drug? (scale 0–100, from none – a lot) 12.86 (22.05) Few
How much do side-effects from this drug bother you? (scale 0–100, from not at all to a lot) 5.2 (7.4) Very little
How much do you like this drug? (scale 0–100, from not at all to a lot) 60.8 (31.28) Like it
Does this drug make you feel more “normal”? (scale 0–100, from definitely no to definitely yes) 78.57 (24.70) Yes