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Table 3 Characterization of UCMSCs after 28 days of culture

From: Systemic administration of a novel human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells population accelerates the resolution of acute liver injury

  Undifferentiated UCMSCs Differentiated UCMSCs
MSC Markers   
CD29 53.61% 79.4%
CD73 97.3% 78.8%
CD90 43.15% 32.8%
CD105 72.6% 13.7%
CD166 61.5% 96.5%
HSC Markers
CD14 0% 0%
CD34 0.7% 7.3%
CD45 1.2% 1.3%
CD71 10.4% 4.5%
c-kit 0% 5.8%
HLA-DR 0% 0%
  1. Flow cytometry analysis of differentiated UCMSCs on untreated plastic support after 28 days showed a lower expression of the typical MSC markers, such as CD73, CD90 and CD105. CD166 was spontaneously lost in undifferentiated cells whereas its expression was maintained in differentiated UCMSCs. CD29 expression in differentiated cells increased to reach a level comparable with human hepatocytes [7]. Hematopoietic markers remained stable for up to 28 days both in differentiated and untreated cells.