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Table 4 Studies on the diagnostic tests of H. pylori and the respective biopsy sites chosen, published between November 2005 and February 2011

From: Additional corpus biopsy enhances the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection in a background of gastritis with atrophy

Authors Country and population studied Sampling site of Histology stain Sampling site of Rapid urease test Age range of subjects (years) Numbers of subjects Numbers of H. pylori-positive %
Choi et al. [22] Korea, health check-up examinees *1LA1LB 1LA Mean 47.8 515 53.2
Hsu et al. [23] Taiwan, dyspepsia - 1LA vs. 1LA1GB Mean 55.0-57.8 355 33.5
Vaira et al. [24] Italy, dyspepsia 2A 2A Median 52 1000 45.3
Goh et al. [25] Malaysia, dyspepsia 1A1B 1A1B Mean 50.7 206 53.9
Shin et al. [8] Korea, gastritis with atrophy 2A2B 1A1B Mean 57.7 651 41.2
Siddique et al. [26] Kuwait, endoscopy evaluation - 1A vs. 2A vs. 3A vs. 4A Mean 36.1 100 -
Yoo et al. [21] Korea, dyspepsia 2A2B 1LA1LB Mean 56.8 430 -
Yakoob et al. [27] Pakistan, dyspepsia 2A 2A Mean 43 109 57.0
Kim et al. [28] Korea, gastric cancer 2LA2LB2GB 1GB Median 61 194 84.0
Tang et al. [29] Taiwan, bleeding 2B2U 2A Mean 63.5 324 53.7
Roma-Giannikou et al. [30] Greece 1A 1A Mean 10.4 254 -
Chey et al. [15] Guideline 1GA1GB1Ag 1AgB1GA - - -
  1. *1A, one piece from the antrum; 1B, one piece from the body; 2A2B, two pieces from the antrum and 2 from the body; 1LA, one piece from the lesser curvature of the antrum; 1LB, one piece from the lesser curvature of the body; 1GA, one piece from the great curvature of the antrum;1GB, one piece from the great curvature of the body; 1AgB, one piece from the body angularis; 2U, two pieces from the ulcer margin.