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Table 3 Summary Table of 12 patients with histological diagnosis of Cancer (includes high grade dysplasia)

From: Diagnostic accuracy of cyst fluid amphiregulin in pancreatic cysts

Patient Age/Gender Symptomatic Cyst Size (cm) Location Mural Nodule/Mass AREG level (pg/ml) CEA level (ng/ml) Diagnosis
39/F Yes 2.8 Tail Yes 125 15 Intraductal Oncocytic Papillary Neoplasm
72/M No 4.6 Body No 303 2298 Main Duct IPMN with High-Grade Dysplasia
78/M Yes N/A Diffuse No 523 N/A Main Duct IPMN with High-Grade Dysplasia
65/M Yes N/A Diffuse No 560 N/A Main Duct IPMN with High-Grade Dysplasia
60/M No 1.5 Body Yes 4 1245 Adenocarcinoma
83/M Yes 3.0 Body Yes 694 42979 Adenocarcinoma
60/M Yes 3.0 Tail Yes 1279 N/A Adenocarcinoma
60/F Yes 3.2 Tail Yes 1567 11962 Adenocarcinoma
66/F Yes 2.6 Head Yes 2527 N/A Adenocarcinoma
70/M Yes N/A Diffuse No 3794 N/A Colloid Carcinoma
51/M Yes 3.0 Head Yes 4940 N/A Adenocarcinoma
65/M Yes 7.5 Head Yes 6458 2501 Adenocarcinoma