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Table 1 Tumor characteristics and treatment outcomes of the modified endoscopic submucosal dissection with enucleation for gastric subepithelial tumors

From: Modified endoscopic submucosal dissection with enucleation for treatment of gastric subepithelial tumors originating from the muscularis propria layer

Case no. Age(y)/Sex Location Endoscopic feature Tumor Size (mm) Complete resection Procedure time (minutes) Complication Pathology/(mitosis/HPF Follow-up period(mo)/Recurrence
1 66/F High body AW Pedunculated 28 Y 45 N GIST/<5/50 22/N
2 55/F High body AW Sessile 42 N 120 N GIST/<5/50 21/N
3 49/F High body AW Sessile 24 Y 40 N GIST/<5/50 21/N
4 35/M Antrum AW Sessile 22 Y 35 Pain GIST/<5/50 20/N
5 47/M High body AW Pedunculated 20 Y 35 N GIST/<5/50 19/N
6 53/F Cardia Sessile 25 Y 50 N GIST/<5/50 18/N
7 65/M Fundus Sessile 30 Y 75 N Leiomyoma 16/N
8 57/M Middle body PW Sessile 27 Y 45 N GIST/<5/50 16/N
9 52/M Middle body GC Pedunculated 21 Y 30 Pain GIST/<5/50 15/N
10 49/F Antrum PW Sessile 29 Y 50 N GIST/<5/50 13/N
11 39/F High body AW Sessile 32 Y 55 N Leiomyoma 12/N
12 51/F Fundus Sessile 24 Y 65 N GIST/<5/50 11/N
13 56/F Fundus Sessile 20 Y 60 N GIST/<5/50 10/N
14 59/M High body AW Sessile 25 Y 45 Pain GIST/<5/50 9/N
15 47/F High body AW Sessile 21 Y 45 N GIST/<5/50 8/N
16 55/F Antrum PW Pedunculated 27 Y 40 N GIST/<5/50 6/N
  1. GIST, gastrointestinal stromal tumor; AW, anterior wall; PW, posterior wall; GC, greater curvature.