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Table 2 Multivariate analysis

From: Long-term effects of treatment and response in patients with chronic hepatitis C on quality of life. An international, multicenter, randomized, controlled study

  Physical component summary scale Mental component summary scale Physical functioning Role limitation because of physical health General health Bodily pain Vitality Social functioning Role limitation because of emotional problems Mental health
Gender   .043 .050 .030   .006 .009 .001 .024 .023
SVR      .047      
Standard vs Individualized treatment .031      .019 .027 .031   .075
  1. Multivariate analysis (corrected for baseline value and age) of the influence of gender, response to treatment and kind of therapy on the mean difference between baseline and follow up (course of Health Related Quality of Life) of the different dimensions of the SF-36.
  2. Only significant p-values are shown in this table.
  3. Abbreviations: Sustained Virological Response (SVR).