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Table 2 Indirect Serum Markers of Liver Fibrosis.

From: Non-Invasive markers for hepatic fibrosis

Indices Individual components Sensitivity (%) Specificity (%)
AST/ALT ratio Aspartate aminotransferase,
Alanine aminotransferase
53 100
PGA Protrombin index, GGT, apolipoprotein A1 91 81
APRI AST/platelet count 89 75
FibroSpect II HA, TIMP-1, α2-macroglobulin 83.5 66.7
FibroTest/FibroSure γ2 macroglobulin, γ2 globulin, γ globulin, apolipoprotein A1, GGT, total bilirubin 75 85
FibroIndex Platelet count, AST, GGT 78 74
FibroMeter Platelet count, γ2 macroglobulin, AST, age, prothrombin index, HA, blood urea nitrogen 81 84
Forns Age, platelet count, GGT, cholestered levels 94 51
Hepascore Age, gender, bilirubin, GGT, HA, γ2-macroglobulin 63 89
FIB-4 Platelet count, ALT, AST, platelet count, age 70 74
SHASTA Index HA, AST, albumin 100 52
Simple test age, hyperglycemia, BMI, platelet count, albumin, AST/ALT 78 58
OELF/ELF age, HA, N-terminal propeptide of type III collagen, TIMP-1 90 41
  1. GGT: γ glutamyl transferase, HA: hyaluronic acid, TIMP-1: Tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase- 1, ALT: Alanine aminotransferase, AST: Aspartate aminotransferase