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Table 2 Dictionary of variables used in the review

From: Helicobacter pylori infection and circulating ghrelin levels - A systematic review

Variable Coding scheme
Study Team A, B, C etc
Design Cohort, Cross-sectional, Case control, Experimental
Healthy Healthy only, Sick only, Both
Region Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America
Gender Male only, Female only, Both
Age Children only, Adults only, Both
Number of methods used to assess H pylori One method; two or more methods
Type of ghrelin assay used Commercial RIA, in-house RIA, Commercial ELISA, Commercial EIA
Sample storage -70°C and below; above -70°C
Sample type Serum; Plasma
Weight Normal, Low, Various, High
Difference in circulating ghrelin concentration between H pylori + & - subjects Lower, no difference, higher
Changes in circulating ghrelin after cure Increased, decreased, no change
Duration of follow-up 4 weeks & below; Above 4 weeks
Sample size Two categorizations were done: 1) 50 & below, 51-200, 201 and above; 2)Above 20, Below 20