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Table 3 Endoscopic follow-ups of patients with nonspecific small-bowel ulcers

From: Long-term follow-up of nonspecific small bowel ulcers with a benign course and no requirement for surgery: is this a distinct group?

  No. ileoscopies Second endoscopy Third endoscopy Last endoscopy No. biopsies Gastroscopy Concomitant finding in the colon
Case 1 4 Persistent Persistent Persistent 4 Normal Small single polyp
Case 2 5 Persistent Persistent Healing 3 Submucosal leiomyoma of the esophagus was resected endoscopically after the ileal ulcer had healed Small single polyp
Case 3 2 Persistent * * 2 Erosion in the stomach N/A
Case 4 4 Persistent Persistent Persistent 3 Normal N/A
Case 5 4 Healing Continued to be normal Continued to be normal 1 Normal N/A
Case 6 6 Healing Recurrent§ Healing 2 Normal N/A
Case 7 4 # Persistent # 2 Erosion in the stomach Small multiple polyps
  1. #Ileoscopy was not attempted during colonoscopy.
  2. * This patient refused a further follow-up colonoscopy.
  3. §Double balloon enteroscopy revealed the same result as the colonoscopy did.