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Figure 1

From: The addition of a pH-sensitive gel improves microemulsion stability for the targeted removal of colonic ammonia

Figure 1

Size and form of ME-RCA and MBG-RCA in a simulated gastrointestinal environment in vitro. A1 - ME-RCA translucent appearance; B1 - ME-RCA in a gastrointestinal environment; C1 - ME-RCA in artificial gastric fluid (× 100); D1 - ME-RCA in small intestinal fluid (× 100); E1 - ME-RCA in colonic fluid (× 100) A2 - appearance of MBG-RCA; B2 - MBG-RCA in artificial gastric fluid and small intestinal fluid; C2 - MBG-RCA in colonic fluid; D2 - MBG-RCA in colonic fluid under microscope (× 100) (after arriving at the stomach, the microemulsion-gel system encountered acid and became a gel)

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