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Figure 2

From: The effect of H. pylori eradication on meal-associated changes in plasma ghrelin and leptin

Figure 2

Comparison of test-meal induced changes in plasma acyl-ghrelin and leptin levels according to H. pylori at baseline and after eradication. Data are for seven H. pylori-negative, 21 H. pylori-positive subjects including eight H. pylori+cagA- and 13 H. pylori+cagA+ subjects. (* P < 0.05, comparing either pre-meal to post-meal values, or **comparing the first and second evaluations). Data also are shown for all of the 38 H. pylori-negative subjects at baseline, for comparison with the subset who also had follow-up studies.

Panel A: Ghrelin levels. Panel B: Leptin Levels.

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