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Table 1 Gastric ulcer tissues had higher SRF intensity than non-ulcer tissues

From: Weak up-regulation of serum response factor in gastric ulcers in patients with co-morbidities is associated with increased risk of recurrent bleeding

Gastric histology (n = 142) High SRF intensity (n, %) P value
  Ulcer Non-ulcer  
Superficial epithelium 77 (54.2%) 43 (30.3%) <0.01
Mononuclear cells of the lamina propria 98 (69.0%) 83 (58.5%) 0.021
Mucosal smooth muscle cells 112 (80.0%) 96 (68.1%) 0.024
P value <0.01‡, §, 0.035¶ <0.01‡, §, 0.067¶  
  1. P values indicated the significant difference of the rates of the high SRF intensity on ulcer tissues as compared with antral non-ulcer tissues (by McNemar's test). Superficial epithelium vs. mononuclear cells of the lamina propria. §Superficial epithelium vs. mucosal smooth muscle cells. ¶Mononuclear cells of the lamina propria vs. mucosal smooth muscle cells. SRF: serum response factor.