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Figure 3

From: Down-regulation of HSP70 sensitizes gastric epithelial cells to apoptosis and growth retardation triggered by H. pylori

Figure 3

HSP70 depletion enhanced inhibition of proliferation in AGS cells with H. pylori infection. (A) Aberrant expression of HSP70 in transfected AGS cells with H. pylori infection was evidenced by immunoblotting. (B) HSP70 suppression further aggravated inhibitory role of H. pylori in cell viability in AGS cells. Data are mean ± SD, *P <0.05. (C)The effect of HSP70 depletion on proliferation was further confirmed by flow cytometre, which showed more accumulation of HSP70 siRNA transfected cells in S-phase as compared with the control vector transfected cells. (D) Protein expression of p21 and PCNA was evaluated by immunoblotting. β-actin was used as an internal control.

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