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Table 1 Overview of assessments.

From: A randomised controlled trial on hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome: design and methodological challenges (the IMAGINE study)

Visit (time point) 0 (start of treatment) 12 (end of treatment) 12+ Every 4 week (end of treatment + 4 weeks) 12+ Every week After treatment 52 (9 months after treatment) 52 + 4 (4 weeks after 9 months)
IBS-Mode X     X  
Informed consent X      
Inclusion exclusion criteria X      
Demographic data X      
Status report X      
Adequate relief    X    X
IBS-SSS X X    X  
IBS-QOL X X    X  
SCL-90 X X    X  
CS-FBD X X    X  
SES X X    X  
TiC-P X X    X  
CD-diary   X   X