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Table 1 Focus interview open-ended questions

From: Development of a validated patient-reported symptom metric for pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis: qualitative methods

Participant Questions
  What symptoms do you (does your child) have that you relate to EoE?
  Not eating?
  Pain in chest?
  Burning in chest?
Child (Parent) Trouble swallowing (eating food)?
  Vomiting/throwing up?
  What is the most frequent symptom? How often does this occur?
  What is the worst symptom? How often does this occur?
  How often to do you call your (your child's) doctor?
  Because of your (your child's) symptoms, do you (s/he) have trouble in school? Work? Playing with friends?
  What trouble do you (your child) have eating food?