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Table 1 These odds ratios suggest that among patients with demonstrated delayed colonic transit days on which laxatives were either taken or likely to have been in effect are differentiated from laxative unaffected days with respect to stool form (higher scores on laxative days), stool frequency (higher frequency on laxative days) and feeling of complete evacuation (FOCE: more likely on laxative effect days) but are not differentiated with respect to straining, abdominal pain or bloating.

From: The impact of laxative use upon symptoms in patients with proven slow transit constipation

Characteristics Odds ratio 95% CI P - value
Stool form 1.64 1.13, 2.40 0.009
Stool frequency 2.23 1.57, 3.17 <0.001
FOCE 2.01 0.95, 4.22 0.06
Straining 1.10 0.50, 2.45 0.8
Abdominal pain 1.00 0.77, 1.30 >0.9
Abdominal bloating 1.04 0.78, 1.38 0.8