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Figure 3

From: Lack of Guanylate Cyclase C results in increased mortality in mice following liver injury

Figure 3

Survival of GC-C KO mice following acute CCl 4 injury. Mice were injected intraperitoneally with 1 μl CCl4 per gram body weight as a 50% solution in corn oil and checked daily for 2 weeks. (A) In the outbred Black Swiss F2 generation, 65% of WT littermates survived while only 1 GC-C null mouse was alive at Day 14 post-injection. (P = 0.0008, N = 19 WT mice, N = 30 GC-C null mice). (B) No difference in survival is seen between the 2 genotypes in the C57BL/6 J background. N = 12 mice per group.

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