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Figure 1

From: Lack of Guanylate Cyclase C results in increased mortality in mice following liver injury

Figure 1

Expression of GC-C, Ugn and Gn is increased after acute liver injury. Quantitative real-time PCR was used to examine expression at 1 and 2 days after CCl4 injection compared to vehicle (corn oil alone) injected mice. Expression of the receptor (A) and both ligand genes (B and C) is increased at 2 days after CCl4 injection. (D) Cyp2e1 expression is decreased in both genotypes after CCl4 injection. Similar levels of Cyp2e1 are seen in vehicle injected mice by real-time PCR analysis and are sharply reduced by Day 1. *P = 0.03, N = 3-4 mice per time point.

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