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Figure 2

From: Bax Inhibitor-1 down-regulation in the progression of chronic liver diseases

Figure 2

Bax mRNA analysis by quantitative absolute real-time PCR using SYBR Green I: in control specimens (Control), liver samples from patients with chronic hepatitis (CH), cirrhosis (CIRR), cirrhotic tissues surrounding hepatocellular carcinoma (PHCC) and HCC (2A); in HCV-infected liver tissues (2B); in CH HCV-related tissues according to genotypes (2C). The unknown Bax and β-actin mRNA amounts in the samples were extrapolated by the respective standard curves performed using serial diluition (1:10) from 108 to 102 copies/μl of a reference sample. Form each sample the normalized amount of the BI-1transcripts was obtained by the ratio of Bax to β-actin, used as housekeeping gene. Data are expressed as mean values ± SD.

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