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Table 1 Clinicopathological features of CP III lesions

From: Efficacy of capillary pattern type IIIA/IIIB by magnifying narrow band imaging for estimating depth of invasion of early colorectal neoplasms

No. of patients/lesions 127/130
Sex (Male/Female) 81/46
Mean age (y [range]) 65.3 [41-86]
Macroscopic types  
   Flat, depressed 85
   Sessile, protruded 45
Mean size of lesions (mm [range]) 17.0 [5-80]
   Right colon 49
   Left colon, rectum 81
   Adenoma 15
   pM*, pSM-superficial (pSM1)** 82
   pSM-deep(pSM2-3)# 33
  1. * intramucosal cancer, ** SM superficial invasion (<1000 μm), # SM deep invasion (≥1000 μm)