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Table 1 The nearest retroelement and the transcription of the 14 selected genes with and without CpG islands

From: The overmethylated genes in Helicobacter pylori-infected gastric mucosa are demethylated in gastric cancers

Gene CpG islands Nearest retroelement No. of expressed transcripts in the stomach
   Name of family Distance to transcription start site  
CDH1 Yes Alu 0.3 kb 19
ARRDC4 Yes Alu 1.7 kb 7
PPARG Yes Alu 2.3 kb 3
CDKN2A Yes LTR 2.4 kb 1
TRAPPC2L Yes Alu 3.8 kb 14
DUSP6 Yes Alu 6.6 kb 8
MLH1 Yes Alu 6.6 kb 0
RUNX3 Yes LTR 8.3 kb 0
PGA5 No Alu 1.2 kb 734
PGC No Alu 1.6 kb 33
TFF1 No Alu 0.5 kb 11
TFF2 No L1 2.7 kb 632
MSLN No Alu 1.4 kb 50
KRT6A No Alu 4.2 kb 1
  1. The information concerning CpG islands, retroelements and the number of expressed transcripts in the stomach was obtained from previously published data [4].